Milka Choco Snack awarded again!

Austria/Switzerland: The Milka Choco Snack won further awards in Austria and Switzerland, after being already REGAL’s Top Product 2019 in the category dairy and receiving the golden DLG award.

The success of the Milka Choco Snack is unstoppable. Just over a year after its launch the product of TSC, the Chilled Snack Company, has acquired the title „Best product of the year 2019/2020“ in the category „Snacks“ in Austria.

Moreover, the election for best product, which took place in several countries, has also been won in the neighboring Switzerland. The victory was achieved in the categroy „Yoghurt, Desserts & Snacks”.

The winners have been elected in the course of an online consumer voting with more than 7.000 (AT) and over 14.400 (CH) single votes on the initiative of Q&A Insights Europe and the Consumer Contest Company.