New in the chiller cabinet!

Wels/Austria: TSC expands its license business with a new product by its own brand Milino. A Milk Snack in an eye-catching Minions Design!

Just a few months after the launch of the top innovation Oreo Fresh Milk-Snack, the No. 1 in chilled milk snacks – TSC, the Chilled Snack Company – conquers the chiller cabinet with another unique product: the Milino Milk Snack Choco Banana, which is not just delicious but its packaging design is extremely attracting, as it shows the famous Minions figures.

The Minions by Universal is one of the most popular license brands of the world, so with this product TSC scored a real coup.

The sweet figures, who love bananas, are very well-known worldwide for years now after their appearances in the movies “Despicable me!” and “The Minions”. With their very charming and a little confused character they are simply loved by everyone. 

To ensure the ideal product-brand-fit even the taste profile of this unique chilled milk snack has been adjusted to the preferences of the Minions figures:

The core of this exceptional snack is a fresh, light milk-cream with a natural banana taste. It is sandwiched between two fluffy cocoa sponge cakes and enrobed by a tender, crispy cocoa layer.

Moreover Choco-Banana is a very popular, yet not very common taste profile when it comes to chilled Milk Snacks. In combination with the very eye-catching design, impulse purchases are triggered.

The Milino Milk Snack Choco Banana Minions is available as handy 4-pack in stores starting in July. In total there are four different Minions designs to discover.