Durable Cake Snacks

The delicious way to take a break

More cake for everyone? Yes, please! Cake Snacks, cake bars, cake rolls or cakes snack minis in a compact snack size are the perfect piece of cake at break time. We offer our customers attractive private label options for their company or brand.

Cake Snack Product Range

Fluffy sponge cake with a delicious cream filling, covered with crisp coating guarantee little pleasure breaks anywhere and at any time. Careful selection of only the best ingredients and excellent quality, no artificial colours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats can only mean one thing: Our delicious Cake Snacks are a great treat for both children and adults

Cake bars or sponge cake rolls: There is something for every taste among our range. Products are available in a variety of packaging units and creative design.

Compelling Arguments

Best ingredients

  • Premium raw materials
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No hydrogenated fats

Long lasting freshness

  • Ambient storage
  • State-of-the-art production standards
  • Mature manufacturing processes

Target group-based solutions

  • A variety of pack sizes: single and multi-packs
  • Different types of Cake Snack forms: Bars, Sponge Cake Rolls and Mini Rolls
  • Great variety of products

Cake Snack
Packaging Units

We package your success
You select, we package … your TSC Cake Snacks. We offer a variety of packaging solutions and sizes, providing the right packaging option for every target group and every type of merchandise presentation.

Cake Bar Cocoa 

Cake Bar Cocoa Mini 

Cake Roll Nut 

Mini Roll Hazelnut 

Mini Roll Strawberry