Yummy, fluffy, fun.

Indulge and enjoy!

DANCING COW is the brand for kids and adults: Who can resist? The delicious taste and the high quality ingredients convince the whole family. Moreover, the original packaging with it’s cow pattern creates an appetite for more. The DANCING COW Cake & Cookie Snacks will quickly become favorites of young and old!

DANCING COW – More fun for everyone!

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More Cake for everyone? Yes please!

DANCING COW Sweet Ambient Snacks are portion sized high-quality products for the whole family. They are ideal
to share and suit every moment, as snack on-the-go or just as little treat in-between. From fluffy cake bars with
milk-cream filling and brownies to crispy biscuit varieties and mini-croissants, the DANCING COW Sweet Ambients
portfolio is very broad and fits today’s taste and consumption preferences. Here are the products in more detail:

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DANCING COW – the assortment


The Cake Bar Cocoa offers delicious indulgence in a snack size – with an airy, dark sponge, filled with fresh milk cream, wrapped in fine cocoa glaze. Naturally, only first-class, fresh ingredients and state-of-the-art production standards are used to make the Cake Bar Cocoa. The highest standards for pure enjoyment!


To all chocolate lovers: chocolatey, moist, fluffy and filled allover with chocolate
chunks, that’s what the Dancing Cow Brownies are. They come individually wrapped, so
they are ideal to share with the whole family and friends.

DANCING COW Sandwich Biscuits

Tender chocolate sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits. Individually wrapped, the Dancing Cow Sandwich Biscuits are the perfect snack for in between and on-the-go.

DANCING COW Mini Tartelettes

Crunchy biscuits filled with rich milk cream and topped with a layer of tender milk
chocolate. Individually packaged in convenient portions, these snacks guarantee little pleasure breaks anywhere and at any time.

DANCING COW Mini Croissants

No matter if you enjoy them for breakfast or as little snack in between, the Dancing
Cow Mini-Croissants are perfect for every situation. They are a pleasure for the whole family.