Yummy, fluffy, fun.

Indulge and enjoy!

DANCING COW is the brand for kids and adults: Who can resist? The delicious taste and the high quality ingredients convince the whole family. Moreover, the original packaging with it’s cow pattern creates an appetite for more. The chilled milk snacks and cake snacks with the funny DANCING COW and the fancy cow-spots become quickly favorite snacks of young and old!


TSC - Cheering kids with balloones

Big taste for the whole family!

Everyone loves to tuck in! DANCING COW Milk Snacks win over kids and adults with their “inner values” just as much as with their original appearance:

Best ingredients | Fresh whole milk | No preservatives | No artificial colourings | No hydrogenated fat | Eye-catching, happy packaging design

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DANCING COW Milk Snacks– The Product Range

Dancing Cow Milk Snack Chocolate

DANCING COW Milk Snack Chocolate

Chocolate fans, listen up: With more than 35 % real milk chocolate, a mouth-watering cream filling with top-quality whole milk and two layers of sponge, Milk Snack Chocolate is a clear favourite for all chocolate lovers.

Dancing Cow Milk Snack Vanilla

DANCING COW Milk Snack Vanilla

Milk Snack Vanilla is the perfect chilled snack for a pick-me-up:
Two light, fluffy sponge layers around a generous fresh whole milk vanilla cream filling with appealing chocolate decorations guarantee light pleasure and exceptional taste.

Dancing Cow Milk Snack Strawberry

DANCING COW Milk Snack Strawberry

Now things get fruity! Milk Snack Strawberry is a true fruity delight amongst the chilled snacks: Strawberry jam at the heart of a light whole milk cream filling, two layers of dark, fluffy sponge cake and a soft cocoa coating guarantee a delightful fruity break in between.


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More Cake for everyone? Yes please!

DANCING COW Cake Snacks are welcome anywhere: at school, at work, on an excursion and– of course – when meeting friends. Because everyone loves some time out with taste and quality.

Best ingredients | No preservatives | No artificial colourings | No hydrogenated fats | Eye-catching, happy packaging design

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DANCING COW Cake Snacks – The Product Range

DANCING COW Cake Bar Cocoa

The Cake Bar Cocoa offers delicious indulgence in a snack size – with an airy, dark sponge, filled with fresh milk cream, wrapped in fine cocoa glaze. Naturally, only first-class, fresh ingredients and state-of-the-art production standards are used to make the Cake Bar Cocoa. The highest standards for pure enjoyment!

DANCING COW Cake Bar Cocoa Minis

Small, but excellent! The Cake Bar Cocoa Minis win over old and young sweet toothed, offering all the qualities of the full-size Cake Bar Cocoa – phenomenal taste in a small package. The individually packaged delicacies make it even easier to share with all the cake fans, and guarantee little pleasure breaks anywhere and at any time.


Our popular airy Cake Roll Nut is a master at indulging cake lovers: This Cake Snack is a rounded delight for all – filled with a tasty hazelnut cream, wrapped in the finest cocoa glaze, produced to the highest quality standards. And taste buds notice!

Dancing Cow Mini Roll Hazelnut Package

DANCING COW Mini Rolls Hazelnut Cocoa

Small in size, big in taste! Our Mini Rolls Hazelnut Cocoa are our tasty lightweights, guaranteeing easy-going maximum delight. The individually packed treats are truly made for sharing and perfect indulgence on the go.

Dancing Cow Mini Roll Starwberry Package

DANCING COW Mini Rolls Strawberry

Our Cake Mini Rolls Strawberry that convince with their fruity strawberry filling and fluffy sponge. A yummy break time treat to enjoy with friends.