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Always worth a break!

MILINO Milk Snacks are a delicious pleasure for the whole family. The combination of top quality, perfect value for money and eye-catching packaging makes MILINO the best alternative to leading brands.

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Milino Protein Snack

Protein meets fresh chocolate delight!

The MILINO Protein Snack is the first protein-snack in the in the chiller cabinet. It’s the delicious snack without guilty conscience. The chilled protein-snack convinces with its creamy, fresh protein milk-cream on an airy sponge cake, covered in a crispy chocolate coating.

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Milino Coconutmilk Snack

The first chilled snack based on coconut milk!

The Coconutmilk Snack combines the taste of a fluffy, fresh coconut milk cream on a airy sponge cake and a crispy coating of dark chocolate, and is perfect for a conscious snack in between.

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Milino Cacao Snack 

The most popular milk snack format is now available in a delicious cocoa flavour!

An indulgent combination of a fluffy sponge cake filled with a delicious cocoa cream. Chocolatey, yet lighter and milky-fresher taste than coated snacks.

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Milino Choco Nut Snack 

Milino Milk Snack now available with a delicious choco-nut core!

A delicious combination of a fluffy cocoa sponge filled with a tasty milk cream and choco-nut cream. The attractive design with 2 different dinosaurs creates attention and variety at the POS.

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Milka Choco Snack

Dare to be tender!

The Milka Choco Snack brings tender pleasure to the refrigerated section and is just the right thing for chocolate lovers! With tender Milka Alpine Chocolate and fresh whole milk the Milka Choco Snack sweetens everyday moments. The tenderness is unmistakable – it provides unique taste, highest quality and special moments of enjoyment.

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Oreo Fresh Milk-Snack

The first ever Milk Snack with real cookie crumbs in the coating!

Soon available in the refrigerated shelf! A milk snack with the popular Oreo Vanilla taste in the cream and real Oreo cookie crumbs in the dark cocoa coating.

Baileys Snack Delight

The first chilled milk snack for adults!

Baileys is not just the most popular spirit worldwide but als the first ever Whisky-Cream-liqeur. As such, it is – in addition with the taste Cappuccino – perfect for the target group!

Minions Chilled Snacks

For the whole family!

With the Minions, one of the most popular and successful licensebrands in the world is conquering the chiller cabinets. The Minions Chilled Snackds portfolio consits of Minions Milk Snack Choco Banana and the Minions Choco Bits Milk & Hazelnut, so there’s something for every taste!

Movie Superstars Milk Snack

Now it’s getting colorful!

Under the license of Universal, the design of this Milk Snack Choco changes half-yearly and features the latest movie stars from the Universal film scene. Cheerful characters and an eye-catching, colorful design will attract attention at the POS, bringing fresh impulse to the Milk Snack shelf.

Niemetz Schwedenbomben Milk Snack

A cool delight for all Niemetz Schwedenbomben fans!

The Niemetz Schwedenbomben milk snack from the chiller cabinet are a perfect combination of a fresh milk cream, a cocoa cake slice and a crispy chocolate coating that promise an unforgettable treat.

Niemetz Schwedenbomben have rich history in Austria. As a traditional Viennese company, established in 1926, they are produced according to a secret original recipe, with the highest quality always taking center stage.