It stays colourful!

For the popular Milk Snack Choco under the Universal license, designs that change half-yearly are created with the latest film releases from the Universal film scene. From now on, the brand new design with the heroes of Kung Fu Panda will attract a lot of attention in the refrigerated section.

Cute characters such as the kung fu-loving Panda Po, or Tigress, the strongest and bravest in the movie, as well as Monkey, the funny and playful monkey of the Furious Five, appeal to the whole family.

Single & 4er Cluster

The Milk Snack Choco convinces with a chocolate tongue in the heart of a light & airy cream of fresh whole milk on two very thin cocoa sponge cakes enrobed with a crispy dark chocolate glaze.

The chilled Milk Snack Choco is available as handy single snack for a snack in between and as a cluster of 4 pieces for the whole family.