The next generation
of Milk Snacks.

Our classics and innovations.

MILINO Milk Snacks are popular both with young and old, and not only as interesting alternative to leading brands. Milino offers best taste and top innovations. Whether with the classics Honey and Choco or the newest additions, Protein and Plantbased – Milino always stands for best quality at a convincing price-performance ratio.

Milino Milk Snack
Honey or Choco

Milino Milk Snacks are now available with new, improved recipes!

  • Milino Milk Snack Honey: An even fluffier whole milk cream between two moist, fine cocoa sponge cake.
  • Milinio Milk Snack Choco: Now even more chocolatey! A chocolate tongue in the heart of a light & airy cream of fresh whole milk on two very thin cocoa sponge cakes enrobed with a crispy dark chocolate glaze.
  • The two chilled Milk Snacks are available as handy single snack and also as a cluster of 4 pieces, ideal to share!
  • Milino Milk Snacks are always worth a break!

Milino Protein Snack

Protein meets fresh chocolate delight!

  • Milino Protein Snack is the first protein bar in the chilled aisle and an innovation in the chilled snacking sector.
  • A fluffy, fresh protein milk cream on an airy sponge cake covered in a crunchy chocolate coating provides an enjoyable snack without a guilty conscience.
  • The Milino Protein Snack is available in a practical 4x40g or 40g single format for on the go or as a snack in between meals.

Milino Coconutmilk Snack

The first plant-based chilled snack!

  • The Milino Coconutmilk Snack combines a light and fresh coconut milk cream on an airy sponge cake with a crunchy coating of dark chocolate and is the perfect snack for conscious enjoyment between meals.
  • The chilled snack contains high-quality, natural ingredients and is made without palm oil, lactose, added flavours and ingredients of animal origin.
  • The Milino Coconutmilk Snack is available in a practical 5x24g format for on the go or as a snack in between meals.