The greatTaste of Milk!

The delicious Family Snack.

MILINO allows the whole family to enjoy the best quality on an impressive value-for-money. Together with the eye-catching silver packaging, MILINO milk snacks become an interesting alternative to leading brands. MILINO offers great taste in three popular flavors: milk & honey, cocoa and coconut.

MILINO Milk Snack Milk & Honey

The classic amongst the chilled Milk Snacks; it is simply impressive with two layers of light sponge and extra thick milk cream made with whole milk and honey. The break can come.

Milk Snack Snack Cocoa

Milk Snack Cocoa offers maximum taste with a crisp cocoa glaze, two layers of dark sponge and an airy and light milk cream filling – naturally, best enjoyed directly from the refrigerated shelf.

MILINO Milk Snack Coconut

Intense coconut taste, wrapped in airy, light sponge and crisp cocoa glaze guarantee fresh delight. Delicious milk cream is tempting with heavenly coconut taste between two layers of cocoa sponge. Mouth-watering coconut flakes on a crispy cocoa glaze make anyone exited for more exotic variety directly from the refrigerated shelf.