The greatTaste of Milk!

The delicious Family Snack.

MILINO allows the whole family to enjoy the best quality on an impressive value-for-money. Together with the eye-catching silver packaging, MILINO milk snacks become an interesting alternative to leading brands. MILINO offers great taste in four popular flavors: milk & honey, Chocolate, Yoghurt-Strawberry and Choco & Nut.


Bite-sized treats that are ideal to share with friends and family at all times!

Milk Snack Minis Cocoa offer maximum taste with a crisp cocoa coating, two layers of dark sponge and an airy and light milk cream filling – naturally, best enjoyed directly from the refrigerated shelf.


Crunchy, full of nuts, creamy-fresh!

A heart of liquid caramel, surrounded by fresh, vanilla flavored milk cream on a fluffy, thin sponge cake covered with crispy chocolate and hazelnuts.

The new Crunchy Queen comes in a shimmery golden foil, highlighting the outstanding composition.