The MOVIE SUPERSTARS with brand new packaging design featuring the heroes from KUNG FU PANDA!

To coincide with the release of the blockbuster Kung Fu Panda 4 at the beginning of March 2024, the popular Milk Snack Choco is once again bringing fresh impulse to the chiller cabinets in a brand new packaging design.

The cute characters such as the kung fu-loving Panda Po, or Tigress, the strongest and bravest in the movie, as well as Monkey, the funny and playful monkey of the Furious Five, give the Milk Snack a unique personality.

The Milk Snack Choco is already known for its light and airy milk cream, the chocolate tongue inside the snack and its crispy dark chocolate glaze. The combination of these high-quality ingredients makes this milk snack a favorite snack for young and old.

The chilled Milk Snack Choco is available as handy single snack for a snack in between and as a cluster of 4 pieces for the whole family.