Milka Choco Snack
Strong social media concept – all year on air!

Content is key! The brand new social media appearance of Milka Choco Snack with special emphasis on Instagram builds on product-focused communication based on the new key visual, as well as on cooperations with micro and macro influencers to visualize authentic and emotional moments of indulgence.

Besides frequent postings, wide-coverage story ad campaigns are carried out several times a year. This approach allows us to communicate the core message “so tender chocolatey, so milky-fresh” to the defined target group via an additional social media format.

Thanks to striking contents, the focus on the relevant target group and an efficient targeting strategy, this new social media concept further strengthens awareness for our chilled Milka Choco Snack and helps anchoring the core message as well as the look & feel of the key visual in the customers’ minds.