TSC revolutionises the milk snack industry

The trade magazine Regal conducted its annual “Top Aktion” study together with market institute to identify successful new product launches that should be found in every store. In this year’s study, three products from TSC were able to impress and achieved a great ranking in the following categories:

In the product group Milk and Dairy Products – Dessert and Snack, our Baileys Snack Delight 4x28g achieved first place and Minions Choco Bits Milk & Hazelnut 5×20.5g achieved third place.

In the product group Limited Edition – Fresh, our Baileys Dessert 2x80g, which already achieved first place in the Regal Hit Innovation Study 2022, was ranked second place.

Background of the study: Regal commissioned the market research institute market to conduct the independent study, which involved both online and telephone interviews based on 35 product groups. The target group consisted of product/category managers from retail centres, retail companies and wholesalers. The survey took place in the period from February 01 to March 20.

We are pleased that our products were able to inspire the industry again this year.

Further information at: https://regal.at/studien/2023/05/top-produkte-2023
Source: REGAL Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.